Hi Warriors,
It’s busy around here with the holidays and everything else going on but we wanted to give you a quick update.
We’re migrating our websites & hopefully making CYU’s music and writings easier to find and access. Be sure to stay informed by following us on Twitter, Facebook and on this site.

May your Christmas be filled with the sounds of those who truly love you.

Blessings, Rev & Destiny / C Y U



Good morning warriors,
Just a quick note to let you know that our page is back on Facebook. To keep things more organized, we will be posting our Words of Encouragement here on WordPress, while adding short updates now & then to our Facebook page. Be sure to follow us on both

Have a blessed day.
Rev and Destiny / C Y U

Quick Update

Good morning warriors,

It has just been brought to our attention that our Facebook page is missing. We are trying to find out where is went :/
In the mean time, if you would like to be on our updates list, just drop us a line with your request and the email you want added. You can send that to :


To be verified, you will need to reply to an email that will be generated automatically.
Have a blessed day.
Rev & Destiny / CYU

Facebook family

Hi warriors,

We have created a new area for our Face-book family here on Word-press where we will post  intimate communications with you. Posts such as Words of the Lord, prophetic worship, etc.,

Posts in this area are, and will be password protected.  To access, just “like us” on Facebook and you will automatically receive the password.  Blessings, Rev & Destiny / CYU