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CYU is comprised of Rev. Ron and Destiny Buss. CYU is an acronym for “Celebrate Your Uniqueness” and that’s exactly what we do! Start with two acoustic guitars, mix in Destiny’s unique ability to pour her soul in a song, add a whole lot of passion for Jesus, for life and the living, and there you go!

✔ Is CYU Christian music?  CYU Music is not classified to any genre. We write and sing about life, love, living, dying, seeing, denying, and all the emotions humanity is so generously endowed with: It would best be said that CYU is music for the living.

✔ What can we expect from CYU live?  CYU is not a performance or a “really big show” –  CYU is real and raw, and connects with people on an intimate level. As we’ve heard on several occasions, CYU Music, “Feels like home”.

✔ Where can I find more CYU music?  By visiting our music site located at and by subscribing to this blog