“Do not fret because of evildoers, nor be envious of the workers of iniquity. 2 For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb. 3 Trust in the Lord, and do good; Dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness. 4 Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4

Good morning warriors,

DELIGHT, COMMIT, TRUST, WAIT, these are the words that the LORD has given for this coming season.

“8 The end of a thing is better than its beginning; The patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.” Ecclesiastes 7:8

The Word tells us that the end of a thing is better than the beginning. So, as we end one chapter, let us enter into the new with faith and anticipation of the goodness of the Lord.

Time is on your side, though it is unsettled to the world. But, to you, and to all who call upon the Name of LORD God, you shall see that time is relative to The LORD’S purpose and the outcome of your belief.

Remember, warriors, all things have a place in the order of things.

So, as you enter into 2014, wait upon the Lord with love and patience and your reward will be great.

“But those who wait on the Lord Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31,

Until next time,
Welcome to the New Year!
Love Rev & Destiny / C Y U