Hi lovelies,

I am putting together an inspirational booklet designed to encourage those who are or will be caring for an elderly parent.    I would like to add some true stories  and perspective relating to one or both parents.  If you would like to share something, please let me know by messaging me on Facebook.  We cannot compensate but contributor credits will be generous.

Here’s an example of one just sent (no edits made):

About a month later after Mom’s passing, I was walking my little dog in the neighborhood where I lived, which was Mission Viejo, CA. As I continued up the sidewalk, I heard a voice, which sounded like Mom. The voice said, “Turn around and go home.” I kept on walking. Again the voice said, “Turn around and go home.” This time with more insistence. So I turned around to go back…

Have a blessed week!
Love, Destiny