Farewell Mr. President


CYU Thanks Mr. President Bush 2009
CYU Thanks Mr. President Bush 2009

Mr. President,

My wife Destiny and I would like you to know that we truly believe God Almighty chose you to lead this great nation into the 21st century; and you did it with honor, fortitude of commitment, and an exemplary stand of duty.

We know that when you walk through Heavens Gate you will hear these wonderful words, “Well done, good and faithful friend.”

Our Thanks and gratitude pale as we can but try to understand the trials and torment that you and Mrs. Bush endured throughout the eight long years you dedicated to keep this great nation, great.

Thank you and may God truly bless you and your family with long and languishing days.
Rev Ron and Destiny Buss
CYU Ministries





9 thoughts on “Farewell Mr. President

  1. President Bush we salute you. You kept us safe with your stance on evil doers. I live in New York and witnessed first hand acts of terrorism – I lost friends and family. Thank you doesn’t seem to suffice.

  2. Dear Mr. President,
    You did the job entrusted to you with honor and dignity and with the whole world mocking you. May God bless you for your fortitude and steadfastness. Thank you for keeping America safe. I will miss you.

  3. I pray peace and long life in the coming years. Thank you for keeping America safe. Mrs Bush you are the picture of beauty and poise and your presence will be missed.

  4. No one can understand what a President goes through! Thank you Sir for all you have done for us.

  5. It was good to have the assurence that i felt about our security. I dident allways agree with you but, I knew you felt that what you did was in the best interest of our country. You will be sorley missed.

  6. Dear Mr. President Bush as I watched your departure today I was so sad. You are a great man and my family and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

  7. Thank you President Bush. We voted for you twice and wish there were are 3rd term to vote on but I bet you don’t! Enjoy the new home.

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